Cranbrook and District Community Foundation Charitable Registration:
#88875 1609 RR0001

What is a Community Foundation?

Canada’s Community Foundations do three key things to build community vitality:

  • Vitality depends on long-term resources for long-term solutions—so we work with donors to build endowment funds that ensure vital futures for communities.
  • Vitality comes from all corners of a community, so we grant funds to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives.
  • Vitality needs leadership, so we bring people together from all parts of our communities to stimulate new ideas, build participation and strengthen community philanthropy.

Our Approach

And while there are many organizations working for better communities, a few important factors make our approach special:

  • We bring donors to the table as community builders, and help them formulate and realize their philanthropic goals, matching their interests and concerns with community needs and organizations, and finding innovative and responsible ways to give their investments lasting impact.
  • We take the broadest view of what a community is and what it needs to succeed. This is why our grants support everything from shelter, sustenance and care for those most in need, to recreation, the arts, and the environment.
  • We take the long-term view for our communities: we identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in sustainable solutions, helping our communities become resilient, resourceful, and ready for the future they want.

Board and Staff

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Board of Directors

• Dave Struthers, President & Chair
• Carol Hatala, Vice-President
• Chad Murray, Treasurer
• Lorraine Frocklage, Secretary
• Neil Cook
• Michele Bates
• Ken Lo
• Lisa Barnes
• Sean Campbell
• Jeremy Mitchell
• Cary Swanson
• Murray Knipfel
• Wayne Eburne, Past President


• Norma Blissett (City of Cranbrook council Liaison)
• Katherine Hough
• Lee-Ann Crane


• Lynnette Wray, Executive Director



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      • Carol Hatala
      • Michele Bates
      • Wayne Eburne
      • Murray Knipfel
      • Diana J. Scott
      • James Letcher
      • Marion Eunson


        • Lorraine Frocklage
        • Michele Bates
        • Wayne Eburne
        • Lisa Barnes
        • Lee-Ann Crane


        • Chad Murray, Treasurer – Chair
        • Ken Lo
        • Carol Hatala
        • Sean Campbell

    Fund Development & Promotions

        • Lorraine Frocklage
        • Jeremy Mitchell
        • Neil Cook
        • Cary Swanson


      • Carol Hatala
      • Wayne Eburne
      • Dave Struthers, President and Lynnette Wray, Executive Director are ex officio members of all committees.

Our History

In the fall of 2000, a Kimberley resident bequeathed more than $190,000 to the Cranbrook United Way on the condition the funding worked in perpetuity to aid social causes within the Cranbrook region.

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In searching for a proper investment vehicle, an opportunity was identified to raise funds locally and to receive matching grants from both the Vancouver Foundation and the Columbia Basin Trust to supplement a two-year local fund raising drive to the amount of $100,000. Over the ensuing two years members of a United Way committee worked within the community to develop interest and raise community awareness. The Cranbrook and District Community Foundation (CDCF) began to take root and initial board members came forward. On March 1, 2003, approximately 75 citizens of our community met at the Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort in Cranbrook with Barbara Oates of the Community Foundation of Canada to discuss the formation of a local Foundation.A steering committee was formed and exploration began on how to incorporate, receive status as a registered charity, and become a Community Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to benefit a broad cross-section of the community. It is mandated to serve Cranbrook and the surrounding area, including Fort Steele, Wasa, Wardner, Jaffray, Moyie, and Yahk.

By 2004, the CDCF was incorporated, registered as a charity and was a member of the Community Foundations of Canada, having adopted their code of ethics to ensure open, transparent governance and the professional management of funds.

The CDCF held it’s first Grants Gala and Community Kick-Off event on September 25, 2004. It was attended by Foundation members, representatives from all levels of government, and numerous community leaders and engaged citizens from Cranbrook, both within the private and public sectors.

At the event, $5,000 in LEAD funding from the Vancouver Foundation was distributed to four community projects identified through the first CDCF public grants offering:

  1. A “Teen Space” for the public library
  2. Aid to the community kitchen managed by the Cranbrook Women’s Resource Society
  3. The Children’s Festival
  4. New sound and lighting equipment to enable the Cranbrook Community Theatre to mount more elaborate productions.

The other highlight of the evening was the official signing of a $50,000 Deed of Gift with the F. W. Green Foundation. The revenue generated from these monies will go to support senior’s projects in the community.

The Board and members of the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation look forward to many years of community support. A prominent theme of Community Foundations is, “It takes a noble person to plant a tree under whose shade will sit people one may never meet.”


Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

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A safe, healthy, sustainable, and vibrant community.


The Cranbrook and District Community Foundation enhances the quality of life for area residents by:

  • Attracting, developing, and managing permanent endowment funds through responsible stewardship
  • Assessing and responding to existing and emerging community needs through grants to qualified donees
  • Offering a means for individuals and organizations to contribute to our community both during and after their lifetime
  • Provide leadership in our community, through convening around issues of community concern


  • We restrict our activities to those required to fulfill our Mission
  • We maintain relevance by continuously assessing and addressing the community needs
  • We conduct our business openly, respectfully and ethically
  • We promote inclusiveness and community harmony
  • We recognize and support the efforts of volunteers and staff of the Foundation and other agencies
  • We generate adequate resources, manage them effectively, and disburse them consistent with our purposes, priorities, and policies
  • We strive for excellence in all aspects of our organization
  • We assess and account for performance and plan for continuous improvement on an on-going basis


  • Enhance the social welfare, health, and education of residents
  • Preserve and protect our environment
  • Advance arts, culture, and recreation in our community


2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report