2014-12-04 08.46.44Every one of us is a product of our community.

The communities we grow up in – and move into – make us who we are.  Every community is the sum of the people who live within it – a unique mix of our
personalities, cultures, and interests.

We are the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation.
Community vitality is our purpose, promise and passion.

The causes we care about, the time we invest, the people we bring together; each action shapes our communities now and for future generations.  Giving back is how the cycle of a vibrant and sustainable community continues.

Together, we strive to give back to the region that holds our hearts and stand up for the place we collectively stand; the place we raise our families, raise our voices, raise our story.

Together, we believe we can make our community everything we want it to be: Inclusive. Innovative. Healthy. Sustainable. Vital. Prosperous. This is our vision.


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